Why Hire a Personal Stylist?

How many times have you gone shopping and returned home frustrated, empty handed, or with bags full of returns? Many of us have, you are not alone. The majority of us are challenged in finding clothes that work well with our personal style. Many times, we're just not sure what that style is. Prior to studying fashion, and becoming a personal stylist, I had these same challenges. I had a menagerie of so many different types of clothes, and always felt not quite myself after getting dressed. Here's how a personal stylist can help.

We generally start by identifying three key factors in our sessions. First, we identify what colors work best with your natural skin tone and hair color. This is major! Color makes a huge difference in how your makeup and clothes reflect off your skin. I found, the color orange does not work well with my complexion. It gives me a washed out look. The only way I was able to wear it, was by putting on a ton of makeup on to add color back to my face. I didn't have time to do that each time I wore it. Because I love orange so much, I decided it was best to incorporate the color in my home decor, and leave it out of my closet! Second, we identify your body shape. Have you ever gone shopping with a friend and you're both the same size, but the outfit didn't quite look the same on you? I have a rule for this. Just because it's made in our size, doesn't mean it's the best fit. Your body shape determines how the clothes contour to your physique. And third, a hair analysis. This we do to help you identify what hairstyle works best with your personal style and that can be easily recreated to complete your polished, authentic look.

With all the detail in determining your personal look, and so many stores to shop, it's no wonder why shopping can feel like a hit and miss. So, why hire a personal stylist? We can help you navigate through all the detail, and give you an outline that will make shopping fun and easy. My goal is to help you see that awesome image you have dreamed about become a reality!