Most of my life, I considered myself a tomboy. I was the girl who was just "one of the guys." As a teenager I wore baggy clothes and hung out with the fellas. We laughed, joked, and generally had a great time. Even in early adulthood, I was still in tomboy mode. A lot of that changed when I began to date and enter into serious relationships. Even after marrying, my husband revealed to me, most guys who hang out with girls have a general interest, but may not always make a move. This blew my mind, because I just loved hanging out with the fellas. I have found however, that after marrying, those relationships became distant, and I saw there was truth to what my husband was saying. "The fellas" didn't keep in touch as much as before. 

Looking back, I began to visit the question, why was I more comfortable around guys? What was revealed to me was life changing. I realized that all the images I had of other women were very negative. I realized I didn't want to be associated with what I had both heard and experienced with other women. This was very sad. For so many years, I didn't allow myself to get in touch with who I really am, my femininity, or even celebrate who God had made me, because of how viewed womanhood. 

Once I began to allow God to heal my mindset and the hurt I had experienced, I began to embrace who I am more and more. I am ALL WOMAN and proud of it!  I stopped hiding in my baggy clothes and allowed my curves to be modestly presented. I'm emotional sometimes, I cry, and that's okay. I learned, emotions are not bad, we just have to be mindful in how we respond to them. I even began to develop very close relationships with other wonderful women who are like my sisters. I don't know how I did life without them.

I still however, have one of my favorite pair of cargo capris. I now only wear them around the house, mainly because they have many holes, and my husband has joked of replacing them when I'm unaware. That's the last part of a chapter that I'm ready to close. Perhaps I'll have them made into a quilt, so I'll always have a reminder of the transformation God has made in my heart. I absolutely love the evolution my wardrobe has made over the years. I think I look awesome in my clothes. I love how soft, and beautiful, and feminine I feel in them, because now, I feel beautiful in my own skin being a woman.

So, I challenge every woman out there who have considered themselves to be a tomboy. Ask the question, why? The answer may be shocking to you. I'm not necessarily saying that being a tomboy is bad. I'm just sharing my story, in hopes that if we share any of the same feelings in this regard, I want you to know, there's more freedom that lies ahead when you embrace who you truly are.