Does Size Really Matter?

The age old question many of us ponder about. Does my size determine how fashion forward I can be? The answer is ABSOLUTELY not! How great you look in your clothes isn't necessarily attached to your size. It is however attached to your body shape.  

I remember shopping with friends many many years ago pre baby and before I became an image consultant, I was a size 4. All of my friends would make statements like, "you can wear anything you want." or "I'm sure you never have a problem finding clothes." How differently they saw things when I was the one looking for clothes and they saw my dilemma. I was very blessed up top, had a tiny waist, and had very modest hips. Not the easiest body to dress. I received many apologies by the end of our shopping excursion. Thinking about it now makes me laugh. 

When shopping, first, accept that you are wonderfully made. We are the first to criticize our bodies, instead of embracing how we were created. The media doesn't help, as they are very bias to what they feel beauty looks like. The next step is finding balance. This can be done with both color, and how clothing is cut. Here's an example. If you're more blessed on top, than the bottom, you can balance your look two ways. You can eitherwear a lighter colored bottom than your top, or wear a wider cut on bottom. This also works in the reverse.

Because we are all uniquely made, there of course are other variables to consider. But once you first accept you, and find your balance, shopping becomes much easier and more of a delight.