Snowe Saxman

Financial Coach, TV Show Host

I have to give a huge shout out to my new Expert Personal Stylist Charity C. Wright!

When she first mentioned that the style she saw for me I might not be ready for, I had to laugh because I love SASS and I love changing things up!

I am stunned at the difference a hairstyle can make. I know it can make a difference, but it's literally astounding the change I see and feel because of this new look!

What's so amazing about Charity, is that she can work with your whole style, hair and makeup included, to help you create a signature look. I love that she helped to give me a total makeover, not just with my clothes!

Thank you for making me look and feel like a multi million dollar earner!!



Felecia Mixon

CPA Assistant, Wellness Advocate

Mrs. Charity over exceeded my expectations!

I have spent the last couple of years intentionally searching for who God says I am. Although, I am forever a work in progress, I was ready to dress according to my God-given unique personality. I wasn't sure how to pull that look together but after several conversations with Mrs. Charity, I was sure she was the person I  wanted to work with. And, then, we went shopping! Oh, my goodness, such an amazing experience! Mrs. Charity was attentive, professional, and nailed my personality in nine sassy, comfortable, boss lady outfits. I recommend Mrs. Charity to anyone who is looking for a personal stylist with an eye for fashion and a love for people.

Thank you, Mrs. Charity YOU ROCK!


Hope Clark

Missionary, Mompreneur, Wellness Advocate

Charity knows her stuff! She's not a "designer in a box." She sees you, your personality, your body shape, everything you are and are about. And she combines colors, shapes, and styles that will enhance YOU. She's passionate about it and she won't quit until you shine. 

She Rocks!